Laravel a free open-source PHP web framework. It is used for the development of web applications using model–view–controller (MVC) architecture. Laravel is a developers delight as it is designed so beautifully that a developer just starts loving its development features which consist of - Request and Response, SEO friendly urls, Middleware, defining Controllers, Models and Views, Errors & Logging etc. & Customer product delivered with security, robustness and scalability.

Our dedicated team of Laravel developers has completed projects for well-known universities, healthcare & insurance companies in USA.



Ease Of Installation

Laravel developers utilize Composer to manage its dependencies. Composers has the inbuilt ability to itself manage the versions of all its dependencies and keep updated with the latest version available. At the development phase, Laravel uses the PHP's built-in development server which provides rapid development process.


Laravel code includes a middleware that verifies the users of your application having access based on system permissions, if user not authentic then system now allow access to the system, also using CSRF token feature it’s guard your application from cross site forgery attacks.


Laravel used most popular MVC software architectural pattern with many inbuilt useful libraries which provide good start on project development.

Database Support

Laravel interacting a variety of databases, currently Laravel support 4 databases – MYSQL, Postgres, SQLite and MS SQL.

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